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AudioFinder V6.0.5

AudioFinder V6.0.5

AudioFinder Mac cracked version – is an excellent audio management processing tool on Mac, Similar to the interface of Apple system Finder, you don’t need to open any audio Mac cracked app, you can directly complete almost all common operations on audio materials in AudioFinder. It supports AIFF, Apple Loop, AIFC, SDII and other formats, which is very good!

Function introduction:

Audio Finder is an audio asset management system and music production center. It collects all the most useful tools through a fast and intuitive application, enabling you to create by handling all the time-consuming tasks that slow down music production.

Audio Finder can build a catalog of each sound into your system, save it and search it immediately, and find the sound you need when you need it. Use it to create custom sets for sound categories and specific projects, quickly browse files to audition, analyze, process, convert, move, or copy samples in the library.

Audio Finder can instantly display the sound through the waveform overview, and preview it at any pitch via MIDI or the built-in keyboard, all in real time. You can even preview the sound through your favorite AudioUnits. Speaking of plug-ins, AudioFinder has an advanced plug-in manager and multiple other studio essentials to make your workflow smooth. Necessities like metaeditor with built-in beat detection and tools for quick replacement, fading, slicing and cutting sounds. You can even convert audio sample CDs into attachment files with just a few mouse clicks.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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