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Aquarium HD Screensave‪r V3.2.2

Aquarium HD Screensave‪r V3.2.2

Aquarium HD Screensave‪r Mac cracked version – Aquarium HD Screensave‪r Turn your screen into a beautiful Aquarium!
Run Aquarium scenes manually or as a screensaver.

Aquarium HD Screensave‪r

The most popular Aquarium app on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Over a million downloads worldwide!

  • A selection of beautiful, long HD Videos to choose from
  • Featuring Sharks, Clownfish (Nemo), Blue Tang (Dory) and many other colourful fish
  • Optional sounds to choose from: Relaxing Music, Bubbles, Ocean waves and Underwater
  • Run aquarium scenes manually (Select “Start” in App Menu or Menubar icon (little fish icon)
  • Full screensaver support (replaces the system screensaver by default, or in-app screensaver timer can be set)
  • Optional clock overlays: Text, Flip-Clock or Analog clock
  • Looped playback with smooth, almost unnoticeable transitions
  • Mac App Store

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Aquarium HD Screensave‪r

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