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AppZapper V2.0.3

Appzapper mac cracked app – is a software on MAC OS, you can easily uninstall the software you don’t like, very fast and convenient, there will be no residue when uninstalling.

AppZapper Features:

Easy to quickly uninstall the latest version of the tool, with a traditional Chinese interface. Just pull in the application that you want to uninstall, and do everything related to the software! It is especially suitable for friends who have less experience, or who often install and uninstall software.lets you uninstall any application with confidence, because its installation is just an easy drag and drop. Drag one or more unnecessary programs and watch all the extra files be deleted. A clever security system will remember which programs should be kept safe and keep track of all your attack files. In short, is an uninstall artifact.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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