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AnyTrans For Android V7.3.0(20200722)

AnyTrans for Android V7.3.0(20200722)

AnyTrans for Android cracked – There are more and more users using iPhone phones, but when Android phones are converted to iPhone phones, some important data files on the original phones cannot be transferred? How to do it? Then take a look at AnyTrans for Mac for Mac cracked version, it can help you transfer seamlessly!

Function introduction:

“Through the development of the new iPhone, many Android users may consider switching to the iPhone. Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie Inc., said: “Considering that iOS is different from Android OS, we hope to help all iPhone switchers Therefore, with cutting-edge technology, we broke the boundary between iPhone and Android, and developed iOS Mover to help iPhone switcher transfer most of the Android data to the new iPhone, even iTunes and iCloud.

Transfer most Android data to iOS, iTunes and iCloud:

With AnyTrans, you can freely transfer almost all Android data to iPhone, iTunes, and even iCloud, such as contacts, messages, photos, music, even wallpapers, brightness settings, and more. Even better, you can choose to transfer some data or even individual items.

It only takes three steps to enter the iOS system, no more complexity is needed:

All you need to do is connect your Android phone and iPhone to your computer, then select whatever you want, and then automatically transfer your data to the corresponding application on your iPhone. No need to reset iPhone or turn on airplane mode on Android, everything on iOS Mover becomes very simple.

Enjoy online videos anytime, anywhere:

Media Downloader allows you to download videos and audio in bulk from Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook and other 900 websites. You can save it to your computer, or directly to an iOS device in a compatible format and the best resolution. / p>

Master all iCloud content in a safe way:

Don’t worry. You can now safely access iCloud and synchronize content across multiple iCloud accounts. In this way, all your photos, videos, links and more content are visible and can be uploaded/downloaded with a simple operation.

Mac cracked app screenshot:

AnyTrans for Android

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