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Antivirus BitMedic

Antivirus BitMedic Pro V3.1.3

Antivirus BitMedic Pro mac cracked app is an anti-virus Malware and adware also provide a complete set of protected security packages. BitMedic® provides you with simple three-step protection, provides you with the highest security, and protects your Mac from attacks.

Antivirus BitMedic Pro introduction:

Adware scanner

High-performance multi-threaded virus scanner

Automatic virus database background update

24/7 real-time protection

Optimize performance

Work silently in the background

Support all mails, archives, executable files and document files

Multiple scanning options

Exclude files / disks / folders to speed up scanning

One-click delete and send to quarantine or trash

Easily schedule scans

Drag and drop support

Mac cracked app screenshot:

Antivirus BitMedic

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