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Anamorphic V2.3

Anamorphic V2.3

Anamorphic Pro Mac cracked version – is a depth-of-field effect Mac cracked app on the Mac platform. It can blur the background to highlight the subject, creating an amazing depth of field lens blur effect.


Anamorphic Pro Mac version has a variety of depth of field modes to choose from, allowing you to achieve a realistic depth of field effect in the photo, the appearance of the film, the real depth of field, and the capture of depth data photos, using a technology equivalent to the film anamorphic lens simulation. Compared with the embedded portrait mode, the user’s control ability is enhanced.

Anamorphic Pro also provides many filters, which are similar to Instagram filters, and there are some basic editing functions. You can adjust the exposure of the photo and increase the film grain effect. for the blurred part of the photo, It can adjust the chromatic aberration, but the user cannot control it. The adjustment is automatic, at least for the pre-release Mac cracked app. Both images captured with the camera can be adjusted, as can images captured with the built-in camera App and edited.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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