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Airflow V3.3

Airflow V3.3

Airflow Mac cracked version – that allows computers A gadget that supports Chromecast remote playback. It looks like a video playback application, but it’s not for watching videos on a computer. Instead, the video content is posted to Chromecast or Apple TV in the same local area network. The movies in the computer are played directly on the TV.

Airflow Function introduction:

Airflow for Mac will stream video content to your Apple TV or ChromeCast device. It provides you with the possibility to cast video content streams to Apple TV and ChromeCast devices without having to deal with complex configurations. scans the network for available devices and allows you to stream any files previously added to the app’s playlist.

In the main window, the toolbar at the top contains the control buttons for streaming media, and in the bottom area, you can monitor and analyze the behavior of the application, as well as the playback stream. The interface in the middle is reserved for the video playlist. Just drag and drop the files to the top of the main window to stream them.IT can also rearrange videos with a simple drag and drop, allowing you to see the video thumbnails and related metadata of the currently selected video.

Once everything is ready, just select the video you want to play and press the “Play” button located in the top area of ​​the Airflow main window. You can also pause or stop playback, skip to the next track, or monitor the playback process. If you put the mouse on the top of the playback progress bar, this app allows you to preview video frames. In addition, if you jump on different videos, or between different sessions, Airflow can start playing.

The purpose of configuring the Airflow application is to ensure that your Mac and Apple TV or ChromeCast devices are connected to the same wireless network. When you decide which device to use, Airflow will automatically scan for available devices and establish a connection. On the other hand, managing the video content you want to play is equally simple. You can import and rearrange files by dragging and dropping, and Airflow will also provide support for using subtitles.


Mac cracked app screenshot:


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