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AirBuddy AirPods V2.1 (245)

AirBuddy AirPods V2.1 (245)

AirBuddy Mac cracked version — AirPods is a split Bluetooth launched by Apple in 2017 Headphones, in order to cope with the disappearing headphone jack, Apple has high hopes on AirPods, and the effort has paid off. People commented on this headset of Apple as “the most conscientious product.”

The experience of AirPods on the iPhone is great, and the same effect on the iPad that also uses the iOS system, but the experience for the Mac is terrible. Because Apple hasn’t made any optimizations for AirPods on Mac at all. At this time, the emergence eases the Mac problem. AirBuddy is developed by Guilherme Rambo, which belongs to 9to5Mac. This Mac cracked app makes up for the lack of Mac in supporting Bluetooth headsets. AirBuddy has completely moved the experience on iOS to the Mac. You can choose whether the audio output device is a speaker or a Bluetooth headset with a single tap.

Function introduction:

AirBuddy will stay on your Mac desktop in the form of a card. You can choose whether it stays in the middle or left and right of the desktop. The system can also choose to turn on widgets to track your iOS device power usage. It will display your MacBook’s power and remaining usage time.

When you open the AirPods box and take out the headset, AirBuddy will pop up a card window to connect your headset. AirBuddy also supports the connection of all Bluetooth headsets that use the W1 chip, such as Beats products. You only need to enable this option in the settings.

AirBuddy is a very easy-to-use Mac application. It can help you use AirPods like an iPhone. At the same time, it can also become the power notification center of your iOS device. If you are interested, please download it.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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