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A Better Finder Attributes

A Better Finder Attributes 7.04

A Better Finder Attributes mac cracked app – A Better Finder Attributes is a Practical batch modification tool for file and directory attributes on Mac. The latest version adds a lot of new functions and supports the latest macOS 10.12 Sierra system. It supports batch operations and can quickly modify various attributes of files or directories, such as creation time and modification Time, EXIF ​​information, etc., very practical! – A Better Finder Attributes

A Better Finder Attributes Function introduction:

A Better Finder Attributes for Mac is a powerful and easy-to-use file attribute editing tool that allows you to change various attributes of single or multiple files or folders at the same time. It can take a long time to manually change the properties or Finder labels of individual files or folders. Better Finder Properties is a simplified Mac application that allows you to edit or adjust the properties of multiple items at the same time.

Effortlessly install software solutions for customizing file or folder properties

Due to the clear and organized user interface of A Better Finder Attributes, it is very intuitive to find a way around the utility: the main window of the application is divided into two main areas. First, on the right side of the window, you can see the list of files to be processed (you can use a simple drag and drop operation to import new files).

Secondly, on the left side of the main window, you can select the operation to be performed from the drop-down menu, and then make necessary setting adjustments. Please note that the customization options vary depending on the selected function.

Powerful utility that allows you to edit various file attributes in a user-friendly way

Better Finder properties organize available custom tools by type: you can set certain values ​​while being able to copy, adjust, change, or delete other values. For some properties, on the right side of the window, you will be able to see the current value and the modified value.

The application gives you the possibility to set the file creation date, modification date, EXIF ​​timestamp, adjust these values, copy a value to another attribute, set the traditional file type and creator, etc. In addition, you can change Finder tags, file lock or delete invisible files.

The powerful application has a simplified workflow and can quickly adjust the attributes of multiple files

All in all, if you need to set, adjust or change the properties of a large collection of files, you should definitely provide better Finder properties. With its batch processing capabilities, you can perform previously cumbersome tasks almost immediately. .

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

A Better Finder Attributes

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